The year 2020 brought a surprise of coronavirus along. Within a couple of months, it turned the entire world upside down – closure of businesses, educational institutes, tourism industry, recreational activities, and whatnot. After months of lockdown, scientists and epidemiologists suggest the virus is not vanishing anytime soon, and people have to learn to live with it.

Therefore, the government and health authorities are introducing standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure safety everywhere. All the hotels and resorts who wish to continue their operations have to introduce SOPs. It has to include everything – from wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, to sanitizing hands. Moreover, the world health organization (WHO) is documenting instructions to help hotels follow additional protocols for staff and guest’s safety.

Thus, if you wish to benefit from the easing lockdown, start familiarizing yourself with necessary safety precautions for your hotel. You might find it overwhelming to continue operations with numerous SOPs, but that is how the entire world will operate in the coming months. To ease the burden for you, here are some incredible tips for introducing SOPs for hotels and resorts during Covid-19.


You might already have a guest booklet that guides them about the exclusive resort experience. In this global pandemic, guests would be more interested in knowing what safety precautions you are following and how your hotel is safe. Thus, ring up your creative team to assemble the Covid-19 version of the guest’s hotel booklet.

These days, everyone is looking for clean hotels to eliminate the chances of contracting the virus. Hand over the booklet to guests at their first touchpoint to make things clear. The booklet covers your expectations from guests – need to wear a mask, maintaining social distance, etc. Likewise, it should state the precautions your hotel is taking and how it is adhering to all the SOPs.


Most hotels are in a rush of getting back to business, not sparing themselves enough time to look over crucial things. Alongside following the SOPs, you have to make amendments to hotel policies, rules, and regulations too. People would be making bookings, but cancellations might also increase due to the uncertain situation around the world.

Therefore, you have to lay the groundwork beforehand. All hotels and resorts take non-refundable bookings, but you have to make modifications during these tough times. You can switch reservations to anytime in the future or offer vouchers of the same amount, instead of adhering to non-refunding claims. It puts all SOPs in order, making sure the efficient use of available resources.


Unfortunately, we are unable to determine how coronavirus is spreading so rapidly. Hence, we have to be extra careful with everything. Disinfecting hotels, guest rooms, or kitchens is not enough because what if the carrier of the virus is traveling in the same vehicle. You have to ensure a safe arrival and departure system too. Hand over gloves and masks to the guests while assuring the driver is equipped with safety gear.

Similarly, when entering the hotel – supply disinfectant solutions, check their temperature, and monitor symptoms. Spray disinfectant on the luggage and make everyone sanitize their hands. Moreover, refrain from accepting cash payments and encourage guests to swipe their cards or use online bank transfers. Likewise, you have to follow the same protocol for the hotel’s staff members.


In these crucial times, your cleanliness and hygiene standards will speak for itself. Give special consideration to the application of disinfection in restrooms, lobby, reception, and frequently touched objects – door handles. Also, invest in alcoholic cleaning products since they are likely to kill germs more efficiently. Nevertheless, you have to become extra careful with everything – look below to see how?

1. Always clean phones, intercoms, and room service bells with a disinfectant.

2. Avoid the use of menu cards by virtually sending menus to customers.

3. Keep swimming pools, spas, and gyms closed.

4. Encourage the kitchen team to disinfect fruits and vegetables.

5. Install hand sanitizers on every corner.

6. Only let three to four people of the same family in the elevator.

7. Don’t reuse room linen.

By managing these hotel activities, introducing the SOPs won’t sound overwhelming. After all, you are taking the majority of necessary safety precautions.


Unsurprisingly, no one has experienced something like Covid-19 before, which means you have to make your staff familiar with all the protocols. Inform them about the measures which can protect their health and that of others around them. Teach them how to wear a mask, what is social distancing, and the procedure of disinfecting things.

Most importantly, you have to keep your reception staff informed by updating them about on-going Covid-19 stats. They should be capable of dealing with guests and answering their queries regarding any preventive measures. Similarly, they have to be knowledgeable enough to advise the guests with respiratory problems while assisting them in monitoring their symptoms. In short, if your staff is well-versed with everything, guests will automatically feel confident during their stay.


Social distancing and using a mask in public space is no longer a choice but a compulsion. Every guest expected to bring his/her masks and gloves; you can provide guests with a medical kit too. Include disinfecting wipes and tissues for cleaning surfaces and objects. In addition to this, give disposable face masks, eye masks, and gloves to dispose of these things right after using them once.

Moreover, get all the necessary medications since, at times, guests might be suffering from allergy or seasonal flu. Also, monitor potentially ill guests by observing their behavior, incidents, and doctor visits. These inspections and observations will facilitate early detection of the virus, keeping hotel staff and other guests safe.


Unsurprisingly, it is impossible to continue with the lockdown because of the declining economic conditions. Eventually, businesses and the tourism sector have to open doors for people, but with SOPs. Hotels and resorts are making consistent efforts to introduce relevant SOPs, which is more than wearing masks and sanitization. Hence, focus on maintaining a competitive guest experience by providing them with medical kits and guest booklets for complete guidance cover safety protocols.