The Ultimate Guide to Visit Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Put-in-Bay Island is by far the most visited of all Lake Erie Islands, attracting hundreds of thousands of travelers annually. Nicknamed the ‘Key West of the North,’ this island features a lively entertainment scene, breathtaking water views, and historic sites. Many guests visit Put-in-Bay for a casual overnight or while others prefer extended stays. 

No matter how long you intend to stay, there are different accommodation options, including vacation rental homes, resorts, condos, and hotels in Put-in-Bay. If you are travel with your family or a group of friends, check out vacation homes, resorts, or any other accommodation option that suits you. Note that there are many affordable Put-in-Bay hotels for travelers on a budget. 

There are countless things to do during your vacation in Put-in-Bay. Fun activities, great food, and unique lodging options make South Bass Island an excellent option for a local staycation. Indeed, it is like a home away from your home, a gem floating on Lake Erie. Unfortunately, if you do not know what to do or where to visit in Put-in-Bay, you will not maximize your time on the island. Here is a list of the most spectacular places to visit and activities to engage in when you visit Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Chocolate Café and Museum

The café offers numerous chocolate flavors, 32 flavors of Toft’s ice cream, decadent pastries, and cakes. Now talk about tasty! It is a fun and educative spot on the island. Here, you will learn about the history of chocolate, enjoy its various flavors (some of which you may not be aware of), as well as hot coffee from the café, and indulge your sweet tooth in pastries, ice cream, and cakes. The variety of snacks guarantee that everyone will ‘spoil’ their taste buds.  

If you plan to start your day at the Chocolate Café and Museum, order some of the highly satisfying breakfast muffins, sandwiches, and bagels. 

Aquatic Resource Centre

Isn’t it amazing to see aquatic life in a real-life setting? The marine resource found along Lake Erie has six aquariums, each holding four or eight hundred gallons. As the name suggests, it is an educative spot suitable for anyone curious about aquatic life. When you visit the Aquatic Resource Centre, you can enjoy guided tours, sightseeing, fishing, educational classes, hands-on exhibits, live snake shows, and fun with fish, amongst other activities.

Heineman Winery 

This is a special place in South Bass Island, and you cannot find it anywhere else worldwide. The winery makes its wine using its own grapes. In 1800, a German immigrant moved to Put-In-Bay and recognized the conducive environment for starting a winery. The island’s rich soil coupled with Lake Erie’s tempering effect is a perfect combination for growing grapes. Also, the cave with a geode is an ideal attraction that draws people to the winery. The winery relies on grapes from the more than 50 acres vineyard, which is part of the Heineman winery. 

Besides, Heineman Winery is home to the largest geode known to humans. How amazing is that! Spending some time at Heineman Winery is an absolute must during your vacation in Put-in-Bay. 

Tour train

Put-In-Bay’s tour train is a perfect way to have first-hand knowledge of the island. The train is located close to the ferry station so, it is easy to find the train regardless of your mode of transport to the island. 

The train is spacious and open, so you enjoy the breeze from Lake Erie as you tour the island. It is also brightly colored and comfortable. The train has predetermined stops where visitors learn about the island, and they enjoy the best sceneries. Booking the train allows you to plan your trip better if you do not know the exact attractions to visit. If you already have a travel plan, the tour will provide more places to visit and a better understanding of Put-In-Bay’s history.

Perry’s Victory Monument and International Peace Memorial

The history behind the monument is a contributing factor to Put-In-Bay’s popularity. In 1812, the island became an important location for Oliver Hazard Perry during Lake Erie’s battle. The American navy defeated the British during the war. Today, there stands a 352-foot historic monument in Put-in-Bay to commemorate the victory. The shaft offers an incredible view of Toledo, Cleveland, and Detroit. As a result of the rich history, the island has attracted top-rated restaurants, vibrant nightlife, wineries, and fun activities such as caving and fishing. 

When you visit the island, the park rangers provide information on the history of the battle and the significance of the monument. Visitors pay an admission fee to enjoy the beautiful sceneries from the top of the Doric column. The views are spectacular, as you can see Lake Erie from the top and various spots on the island.

Water Trails

Put-In-Bay is fantastic whether you tour it on land, air, or water. For water lovers, Kayak Bay provides a serene, uninterrupted, and perfect way to get the island’s best views from the shore. Be warned as the tour may take a long time as the kayak goes round the island.

Put-In-Bay helicopter rides

Ever thought of exploring a magnificent island on a helicopter? The aerial views, landscapes, landmarks, and unobstructed views are breathtaking. This is what you experience when you book the Put-In-Bay Helicopter rides. The ride allows two to three passengers at a time. The cost depends on the package that you want. 

Apart from the helicopters, you can also enjoy a ride on the open-cockpit planes (used during World War II). Some of the activities in addition to touring the island include flight lessons or aerobic thrills. If you’re visiting Put-in-Bay with your loved ones, check Put-in-Bay tourist information from local sites to plan effectively for activities like helicopter rides and water-related activities. 


Your visit to Put-In-Bay is never complete without a fishing experience at Lake Erie. You can choose to fish all day, half-day, or in the company of a large group/ alone/ with family members. The experience is unforgettable for experienced and beginners’ anglers. Some of the fish available at the fish include walleye and perch. 

There are experienced anglers who enjoy taking people for a fishing adventure. They provide the fishing equipment, and they have well-planned routes where you are sure to find fish. 


A vacation is a time to indulge in fun activities. Most people take vacations to take a break from ordinary life. Since vacations are not an everyday thing, you need to enjoy your best when you plan for one. Put-In-Bay is a favorite holiday destination for many due to its location, endless and fun activities, and history. The sceneries and activities to do when you visit Put-in-Bay create an unforgettable adventure and memory.

Note that Put-in-Bay golf carts are the most preferred travel option in South Bass Island. Nearly all golf carts are gas-powered, and you can rent them for a day or several days. If you choose to rent an electric golf cart, you may want to return every day to be recharged.

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