The main do’s and don’ts of Instagram promotion in 2022

If you have just figured out that you need to start managing your business on this platform, but have zero clue about where the sphere of social media marketing is moving recently and what trends you should follow, this article is for you. In it we will tell you about the main do’s and don’ts of SMM on IG and will make you familiar with the best tools for quick promotion. We will be talking about a chance to buy Instagram followers, about influence marketing and targeted ads; we will also explain why business profiles should not rely on the free promotional methods. 

Why not use free methods?

The answer is pretty simple: if you’re managing a whole business, if you have a content plan to think through, if you have to find ways for collaborations and cooperations, you probably don’t have enough spare time to spend online and try to get your first subs and likes for free. Surely, if you have a whole PR department at your service, you can delegate that to them, but why do that, if you can invest some money and get certain results in a certain period of time? We don’t know either!

Why buy subscribers? Is it safe?

It is totally safe, however, you have to keep in mind several important nuances to make sure that things go smoothly. First of all, you have to make sure that you buy real Instagram followers and aren’t going to pay money for the fakes – fakes, dead pages, bots will bring only troubles, and won’t give you any awaited benefits at all. These can also harm your statistics and make algorithms perceive your page as fake. And it will bring you to the situation where your content won’t ever be shown to anybody as recommended. So make sure to check the quality and never skip that step if you don’t want to get into trouble.

But if you buy real subs, on the contrary, things are going to become way better: you will not only increase the number of subs and form the base that you will be able to rely on later, you will also improve the statistics and will make your posts shown in recommendations more often.

What is influence marketing?

It is an opportunity to turn to help from bloggers and showcase your products, services or content in their profile to people who might be potentially interested in it. To succeed in it, choose bloggers only in your sphere or in the neighboring niches and prepare very detailed recommendations (or materials) for the stories or posts that you want to see on their page. And yes, prepare the money – bloggers who have several dozens thousands subscribers always demand a certain payment for the native ad that they’re going to make.

The price can vary a lot, so choose the blogger who is going to suit your budget. Plus, you can also turn to free PR – for that look up the bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs as you do and contact them for collaboration. This PR should be mutual to be free, so keep that in mind as well. 

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