The Best Locations to Travel after Divorce

There is hardly anything in the world as rejuvenating and inspiring as traveling.  So if your divorce has left you sad and broken, it’s high time to pack your bags and set on a journey. Putting some distance between you and your ex might be a good remedy against self-pity and self-doubt while being around nature and other people proves an effective anti-depressant. From enchanting hiking roots to the best parties in the world, here is the list of ten most unexpected but inspirational destinations to go after divorce:

Zion National Park, the USA

If the divorce has hit you hard and you don’t feel like going abroad, a trip across the country might be the best option.  Zion National Park is home to steep red rock cliffs that are thousands of feet high and it is one of the most picturesque places in the USA. Here lies the famous hiking route to Angel’s landing, which is known for its thousand-foot drops and cliffs that lead the way. If you enjoy hiking as much as many other people who visit this place all the year round, Zion is where you can have your so needed after-divorce solitude while being around other like-minded adventurers. 

Bonneville Salt Flats, the USA

Two hours from Salt Lake City, Salt Flats is one of the most inspiring locations in Utah, if not the world. Thirty thousand acres of mud covered in a layer of salt, no vegetation – all you can see is white and surrounding mountains. 

It might not be the very first place you think of after divorce, but a huge white open area reminds you of how large the world is and how small our problems are in it. The location often attracts film and music video makers, so it’s a great opportunity to forget about your after-divorce pain and join something great and beautiful, either as an observer or perhaps as a background artist. 

When it rains, the salt becomes the world’s largest mirror – a truly surreal and romantic moment. So, if you are ready to open your heart, the trip may even turn into a life-changing decision.


After separation, we all would have liked a bit of fairy tale in our lives. Whether it’s coming back in time with all those cobble-stoned streets of Edinburgh to travel to Arthur’s Seat or walking the famous Outlander Clare Fraser’s steps, Scotland is a truly magical location where you believe that everything is possible. With all the pristine green-covered hills and rock formations, it is a perfect place to feel unity with nature and find your inner balance after a hard breakup.

Meteora, Greece

The mystical town of Meteora is known for its ancient monasteries that are built upon its massive rock pillars, and this is one of the most enchanting places in the world. Running around these majestic rocks, you’ll feel like you are on the set of The Game of Thrones series with a dragon about to pop up from nowhere. Whether you need to get out to nature or have a more spiritual experience to go on through the divorce, Meteora has magical scenery to impress you and breathtaking medieval monasteries at a 2-Euro entrance fee.

Ibiza, Spain

One of our readers is sure that the best way to move on after a bad divorce is to go to a good party. “During mine, I was already partying on Ibiza, so I went through a legal divorce online procedure. It was my smartest decision,” says he. 

Ibiza is known for its crazy nightlife; it also has some of the world’s best beaches and cliff jumping. So, whether you want to go there for adrenaline buzz or partying it up with Kygo, it’s one of the most entertaining places to visit. It might be also the best option to leave all your hardships behind, find new acquaintances, and perhaps even start a new relationship.  

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When you finally step into a single-again life, all the roads lead to Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the most famous and brightest carnival in the world, Rio is also home to beautiful beaches, massive granite mountains, and energetic culture. Whether after divorce you feel like meeting lots of new people, soaking in the never-ending sun, or exploring the unique beauties of Brazilian nature, this place has a lot to offer.  

Dubai, UAE

If you believe that after a marital breakup you deserve the utmost luxury, then the majestic city of Dubai is the place to go. Magnificent skyscrapers, light and fountain shows, fantastic beaches with beautiful views, and desert safari will definitely take your mind off your ex. Add here one of the best shopping destinations in the world, and the trip suddenly turns into one of the best experiences you may have in life. Those who say that buying things can’t heal a broken heart have simply never tried it. 


Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland offers some of the world’s most unique landscapes, which are nothing short of mystical. It’s home to massive waterfalls, glaciers, and out-of-this-world scenery. With the rugged, otherworldly terrain, the Nordic icy views are something you can’t see in the rest of the world. 

The country has everything to help you go through such a tough period in your life like divorce. Take its famous Road Ring circles for one, where it’s just you, the speed, and 830 miles of mind-boggling nature. The best part is that, whether to take a picture or scream out your pain, you can stop at whichever spot that catches your eyes. Add here the Northern Lights and you will have a truly unearthly experience.  However, if you feel like something traditionally relaxing, there’s Reykjavik with its restaurants, bars, cafés, museums, and more. 

Divorce is never easy. However, whatever destination you choose, make sure it turns into an enriching and healing experience rather than sobbing after your ex in your hotel room. 

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