Renting a Car in Dubai? Beware of the Hidden Costs!

Dubai is well known for its luxurious lifestyle. The hotels, travel and rental car agencies use it to their benefit and try to exploit the tourists. They bombard the tourists with lots of hidden charges that the person would not have even imagined. The largest of those hidden charges comes with renting a car. 

Here’s a list of a few of those hidden charges that you may see when renting a car in Dubai:

Avoid Airport car rentals

If you pre-booked a car before you arrived in Dubai and asked the driver to pick you up from the airport, beware of the airport fee. The airport administration charges a small fee from the driver coming to pick you to have. Some agencies try to add that fee to your bill. So before finalizing the rental vehicle, always ask about the amount of this airport fee and who will pay it. We recommend you opt-in for RentalcarsUAE to Rent a car as they don’t charge a car pick-up or drop-off fee. 

Beware of the Fuel Policy

There are several fuel policies that you can opt for while renting a vehicle. If you decide to choose the full empty fuel policy, you will be required to pay a fuel price for a full tank and return the car once its fuel tank is empty. First, you might be overcharged for the fuel with a boosted price. Second, if you return the vehicle with fuel in the tank, you will not be refunded. Tio avoids it, we recommend you to opt full fuel policy. You will be given a car with a filled fuel tank and you must return the car after getting the tank fully refueled again. It is the best fuel policy.

Early return fee policy 

You may think that returning a vehicle earlier than the predetermined time would get you a refund, but that is not the case. Some agencies will ask you to pay an early return fee if you bring the vehicle back before the time mentioned in the contract.

It is better to get that clause removed from your contract or return the vehicle at the time mentioned in the contract. This way, they will not ask for any early return fees.

Ask for the Insurance Charges

Sometimes your travel agency will pick a contract with hidden insurance charges. These charges may be high. Be sure to give this clause a good look before getting in the vehicle. You can also try paying by your credit card as it covers different types of insurances. \

Beware of Previous Damages

Whenever you take a car from the parking lot, always check for any visible damages and dents to the vehicle. In case you find any, either change your car or get them mentioned in your contract. Otherwise, you may be charged a repair fee for those damages when you bring back the vehicle, even though you were not the reason for them.

Beware of High Equipment Installation Fee

Try to avoid any extra equipment installation to the vehicle, like a GPS device. These firms will charge you greatly for even a simple modification. It is better to get a substitute for the part from the market by yourself. For GPS, you can download an app on your phone for free. It works as great as the one in the car.


Renting a vehicle is the best way to move around in Dubai, but if you are not careful, you can fall prey to this long list of hidden charges. To avoid these, be sure to give your rental car agreement a good long look before signing it. To avoid different types of hidden costs on cheap car rental dubai, opt-in for the best company after researching properly before your trip. Get in touch with their customer support to get the whole information before booking. 

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