Preparing for an Egyptian Vacation

Egypt vacation

Planning a trip to Egypt is exciting. The range of activities to do and sites to see is mind-boggling. There are so many possibilities, in fact, that travelers can sometimes forget to take care of the essential details during the pre-trip portion of their planning, ignoring details like how to get a visa and which kind to get. 

There are many mistakes that a traveler can make. Some of them, such as taking the wrong bus or forgetting the name of a restaurant, may lead to unexpected wonders or at least a great story. 

Others, like not being prepared with visas, can turn into nightmares, resulting in having to pay large fees or face long lines at best and being denied boarding onto your flight at worst. That is why it is crucial to be prepared by researching visa options ahead of time and not leaving them until the last minute. 

Fortunately, Egyptian tourism officials have made it easy by introducing country-specific visas for passport holders from nations around the world. For example, citizens from Canada can apply online for an Egyptian visa for Canadians, streamlining and simplifying the process from start to finish. 

Once they have that part of the planning process all taken care of, travelers can relax and focus on the fun part of their trip. 

Packing for Egypt: What to Bring With?

Packing can feel like solving a puzzle with no possible solution. There will always be that one shirt or dress you knew you should have packed or that extra bulky jacket you didn’t really need in the end. Fortunately, there are real, tangible tips to pack for a trip abroad that can make the process so much easier, no matter how foreign the destination may sound. 

One of the most simple tips, for Egypt or any other destination, is to consider how many days you will be traveling. That can help you decide on the number of t-shirts or pairs of underwear you should bring. When calculating, don’t forget to factor in the travel time as you may want to bring something extra on the plane, especially if you have a long layover somewhere. 

Another tip to remember is to consider whether or not you will have the opportunity to do laundry when you are away. If, for example, you are taking a two-week vacation to Egypt, that is a lot of clothes. Instead of taking 14 of everything, why not just pack for a week or eight days and then plan to do laundry once at the hotel. 

With Egypt in particular, you don’t want to bog down your back with much in the way of cold-weather clothing. Even in January or December, temperatures tend to be in the mid-60s at worst and you can get away with a sweater or light jacket. 

One important tip is that although it may be tempting to let your toes breathe in the warm, arid heat, many of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions are best experienced in sturdy, closed-toe shoes designed to withstand desert conditions.

Another must-pack item for Egypt is a hat. The sun gets to be very strong and you do not want to be caught outside without something shading your head and neck for too long. If you take along the proper headgear and remember to constantly lather yourself with quality sunscreen, then you should have no problem handling the Sahara’s intense rays. 

Is Egypt Only About Cities and Deserts?

The barrier between Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa has nothing to do with political borders. The Saharan Desert, one of the least hospitable places on Earth, is the natural border that separates Northern Africa—where Egypt is—from the remainder of the continent. 

However, it would be a mistake for tourists to think that the country doesn’t offer a respite from the repressive dry heat it is often associated with. 

In fact, Egypt has multiple regions with wonderful beaches that attract people searching for a dip in a cooling sea. While many popular options can be found on the long coast of the Red Sea, there are other, lesser-known beaches as well, such as Fjord Bay in Taba

This sandy beach is a great place for those seeking a quiet environment. It is located close to the Israeli border city of Eilat in the Sinai Peninsula and offers calming, stunning views for those willing to make the trip. 

For a more traditional beach holiday, visitors can check out the resorts at Sharm El Sheik. With five-star hotels lining their properties with palm fronds, small huts, and beach chairs, there is no shortage of beautiful waterfront for families or couples to relax and enjoy the Egyptian sun. 

Keep these beaches in mind when packing for an Egyptian vacation, just remember to bring your swimsuit and sunblock. 

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