Popular Travel Destinations for Students

It would be a big mistake to stay at home on holidays when you have enough money and travel opportunities. Students try to get the best out of their student life when they don’t have family and responsibilities, so they can take a backpack and go on an adventure. Many American students go to Europe and Asia just because these continents seem a bit mysterious and completely unknown. Indeed, you should use your chance to eat a croissant in Paris when you are still in your 20s and have already turned to professional academic writers to get your papers done on time. So, what gateways do students choose?


Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for a reason. Thais are among the friendliest people you will ever meet on your travels, and local landscapes can charge you with positive vibes for a year ahead. Besides, plane tickets will be the most expensive part of your travel, while the whole travel can be pretty on a budget if you don’t dwell on luxury accommodation. This country is full of impressive landmarks, such as a tropical archipelago, the distinctive Chiang Mai, and Damnoen Saduak floating market.


The islands of Greece are like a chocolate assortment with their special tastes. There are indeed hundreds of islets with secluded beaches, idyllic valleys, and picturesque mountain peaks. Mykonos is famous for its crazy parties and attracts students from around the world. So, if you like such a pastime, you can use nerdify to make more time for a high-quality vacation. And if you want something more authentic, like the classic beach spots, go to Kefalonia and Crete. And it is not to mention mainland Greece, the favorite place of hipsters who come from all over the world to visit Athens with its ancient history and stunning landmarks.


Bali is called the last paradise on Earth and the Island of a Thousand Temples. In general, the fabulous Bali has many names, and all are provided by love. Lush green mountains, majestic volcanoes, wonderful beaches, and colorful coral reefs attract students at the earliest opportunity. Everyone can find numerous reasons to fall in love with this island. Kuta Beach is a surfer’s dream, and if you want to restore the lost harmony, you should visit the Hindu temple of Ulun Danu Beratan. If you are fond of diving, it is worth going to the excellent diving spot of Padang Bai, where it is impossible to get bored. If you are afraid that you will not be able to go there because of endless assignments, study edubirdie reviews, and maybe you will find a way out.


Spain is one of those countries where students are ready to return again and again, so it is not surprising that you have run into it on this list. The most favorite cities of the mainland among students are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Seville. It is interesting what Spain will win your heart with? Whether it will be about vibrant Madrid food markets, Lanzarote’s secret beaches, Rioja wines, or Mallorca’s signature pastries?

The Spanish islands can be explored all your life. You can start with crazy Ibiza and then proceed to Mallorca with marvelous Moorish architecture and Tenerife with Teide volcano.


The combination of cool, ultra-modern cities with wildlife attracts students from all over the world. There are not so many places in the world where at one point, you can be at a concert of an indie band, and then wade through a dense forest thicket. One of the most interesting Canadian cities is the giant Toronto, famous for its CN Tower, bohemian Kensington Market, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Quebec, Montreal, and Vancouver will also take a week, so it is better to explore the best custom writing reviews beforehand to get a backup plan.


Paris is on the list of must-visit places. There is still something indescribable in this city that attracts millions of tourists here every year. Stroll the promenade along the Bassin de l’Arsenal canal and look for curiosities in the Marais’ vintage markets. Don’t forget to make sure that Paris is considered the capital of fine wine bars. However, it would be a mistake to ignore other charismatic French cities, such as Marseille, Cannes, Bordeaux, and Biarritz. After exploring the bohemian, creative atmosphere of Bordeaux and walking along the glamorous boulevards and embankments of the Côte d’Azur, you get a deeper sense of what makes France so enchanting.


Technically, Hawaii is part of the United States, but the Big Island stands out for its impressive volcanoes and excellent surfing. It is even considered the birthplace of this sport and attracts connoisseurs of adrenaline from all over the world with huge waves. If you are not fond of surfing, Hawaii will not disappoint you anyway: you can enjoy national parks with bizarre turtles, or you can go to meet the sunrise among the frozen lava on a volcano. Whatever you choose, adventure is guaranteed!


The largest island in Vietnam, Fukuoka, has long been chosen by students worldwide. There are semi-wild coastal areas where you can relax without the unnecessary hustle and bustle and beautifully equipped beaches for top-class recreation connoisseurs. It’s hard to get bored there since you can enjoy cheap and interesting diving and many jungle hiking trails.