March is here, where can I go in Russia?

In the north of Russia, it is still the real winter, while in the south, the snow has melted and nature has begun to prepare for the arrival of summer. Let us tell you where are the best places to go in Russia in March. But do forget to get your visa to Russia before your trip.

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“Winter leisure” in spring

In early spring, snowboards, snowmobiles, skates, and sledges won’t say goodbye to us so early. For a winter adventure “package” (forest walk, snowmobile tour, dog sledding, steam bath and jump into a snowdrift or ice cave), go to Karelia, Altai, and Siberia.

The snow in March is not less than that in winter, the scenery is not bad, and the weather conditions have improved. The temperature is getting closer and closer to 0 degrees, and the daylight hours with sunshine are gradually increasing.

March is the most ideal month for skiing in almost all alpine ski resorts in Russia.

There is enough snow in winter so that the ski trails will achieve maximum comfort and the native land (uncultivated wasteland) will be safer. At the same time, for people who play sleds and snowboards, whether it is day or night, the temperature is becoming more comfortable when they are walking along the ski trail.

Traditionally, in March, Krasnaya Polyana and other Caucasus ski resorts in Sochi, alpine ski centers outside Moscow, Leningrad Oblast, Urals, and Siberia will provide comfortable conditions for tourists.

The slopes of Kirovsk deserve a separate mention. The winter here is very cold, after all, the polar night is too long. Starting in March, leisure here will be more enjoyable. Alpine skiers and snowboarders rush to the Kibene Mountains to ski on unusual pistes and admire the unique scenery and northern lights of the Kola Peninsula.

 A warm weekend by the sea

For those who have wrapped themselves one after another because of the snowy winter, it is worth considering a trip to the south. The waves, the fresh air, the greenery that is growing…it is a scene of the earth’s rejuvenation, all of which will make the tourists full of vitality and enthusiasm.

Go to Crimea and spend a few days by the sea. Yes, it is still too early to swim in the sea, but for walks and visits, the weather in March is just right.

How about tasting high-quality red wine, breathing fresh air, and seeing various marine species? Sevastopol is a great place for short holiday trips! On the seaside near the city center, there are many good restaurants, and the city and its surroundings have many attractions including the former site of Chersonesus (Ancient Greek Colony).

If wine alone is not enough and you still want to enjoy the SPA, go to the “Abrau-Dyurso” resort. In the center of the resort, there is a hotel called “Imperial” to receive guests. There are more small estates around Lake Abrau, where you can stay for a few days.

Go for a walk and see the “Abrau-Dyurso” wine house! If you want to walk along the seashore and breathe the sea air, then go to the seashore in Gelendzhik or Novorossiysk.

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