How to Take Amazing Travel Photos of Your Fur Baby

Take Amazing Travel Photos

Exploring new places together with your fur baby can make for some of the most unforgettable experiences ever, ones that you’ll be telling your loved ones about for days. What better way to share these memorable moments with your friends and family than by showing them photos of you and your pet having the time of your lives out there?

That said, you may feel it’s not enough to simply take just any travel photos of your pet. Your pet deserves only the best things in the world, and that includes capturing gorgeous shots of them.

So, want to learn how to take your pet travel photo skills to the next level? Read on for some tips that are sure to kick your shots up a notch:

Use a Few Props

An easy way to spice up your pup’s travel photos is to use interesting props. These items can help set the scene for your shot and even tell a story, if used properly.

If you can spare some room in your luggage, consider bringing along some of your pup’s favorite toys to use as props. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing Fido having a grand adventure with their beloved plush toy from childhood. You can also consider shopping for wholesale and custom dog toys or other products that match the theme of the photos you’re planning to take.

That said, you don’t necessarily have to bring along a whole trunk full of props on your trip. You can also look around your immediate environment and see what’s available to use. Are there any pet-safe items that can add some visual interest to your composition? If you’re at the beach, for instance, why not pose your pup next to a big seashell? If you’re playing in the snow, you can try building a small snowman (or snowdog!) and have your pup pose next to it.

Have Your Pup Wear Clothes That Match the Environment

Dressing up your pup in cute clothes is a surefire way to ramp up the cuteness levels of your travel photos. It’s even better if you have them wear clothes that embody the overall theme or idea of your shot.

If you’re taking a beach photo of your pup, for example, why not have them wear a dog-sized sun hat, sunglasses, and a Hawaiian t-shirt? For a photo of your pet out in the snow, you can’t go wrong with a dog-sized winter coat, a thick beanie, and dog boots.

Take Shots from Your Pet’s Perspective

Most pet parents take photographs of their fur babies from their own vantage points, resulting in shots that mimic bird’s-eye views. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if you could see things from your fur baby’s perspective—literally? As you travel from one place to another, wouldn’t it be great to see what the world looks like through your dog’s eyes, or rather, through the eyes of another pup?

If you can, try getting down on your knees and snapping photos at your pup’s eye level, all while still capturing the scenery you’re in. This is a great way to get a clear view of their facial expressions. You can, for instance, snap a close-up of your pup curiously sniffing at an unfamiliar pet-friendly food item in a new restaurant you’re trying, or capture the shine in your dog’s eyes as they look up at a starlit sky outside a country cabin.

Use Natural Light

Generally, you’re better off using natural light instead of your camera’s flash, as the former provides full illumination not just for your pet, but also for the environment they’re in. This makes natural light ideal if you want to really show off the grandeur of your travel locations.

As a rule of thumb, try to take photos of your pet during what photographers dub “the golden hour,” or the time right after sunrise and the time right before sunset. This should provide your furry model with a nice, even light that has a gorgeous golden hue.

During a beach trip, for example, you can snap a shot of your pet on the shore as they watch the sun go down. If you’re on a camping trip, you can take a photo of your fur baby enjoying the fresh mountain air first thing in the morning.

Try Various Types of Shots

Whenever you’re about to snap a photo of your dog during your travels, think about what type of shot would best suit your desired outcome.

Close-up shots are great if you want to focus on your pup’s unique character, especially if they’re wearing cute travel OOTDs or posing with props. To show off more of the environment your dog is in, such as your pup frolicking in a field of flowers or walking along a mountain trail, you can go for wider shots instead. If you can’t decide between a close-up shot and a wide shot, a medium shot is a good compromise. These types of shots place some emphasis on your pup while still showing some of the background elements behind them.

These are just a few tips and tricks you can employ to improve the quality of your pet’s travel photos. That said, you don’t have to limit yourself to these techniques. Feel free to experiment and see how you can add some pizazz to your snapshots. As long as you do lots of practice, the photos you take of your beloved fur baby during your trips will go from boring and forgettable to eye-catching and memorable.

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