How To Renew Your Passport Expeditely In Few Easy Steps

Does your friend, colleague, or family member need an expedited passport renewal immediately? Renewing passport papers may take days or weeks if processed through an embassy, but this process can be sped up by using the services of a private travel agency. The major benefit of employing such organizations is that stress, time, and cost are minimized to a great extent.

A credible agency in the United States that procures expedited passports for interested tourists is Passports and Visas. The company has been known to assist in the issuance of papers to individuals for over 25 years and can therefore be trusted. Furthermore, more so, there are over 11 offices around the country that handle the needs of intending migrants.

Procedures on How to Renew Passport

The following are stages followed when an expired passport is being renewed:

Application Online: This is done by selecting passport renewal service from the options listed and submitting all expected documents along with the application form on the website.

Preparation: After all the necessary documents have been submitted, an account manager is assigned to every customer. This individual reaches out to clients personally to ensure that the whole renewal process is completed at ease.

Procession: This stage involves the review and submission of all papers to the US travel agency for issuance of passports in return. The account manager gives regular updates throughout the entire process.

Document Delivery: When the procedure has been accomplished, the renewed passport is then delivered to the customer through FedEx service.

Qualifications Required To Renew Expired Passport

 Certain prerequisites need to be made to qualify for passport renewal, they include:

  • An Available Expired Passport: During the review, the agency authorizes that the past passport should be the most current and at least 10 years terminating.
  • Validity of Older Passport: For a document to still be valid there should be no damages on it before applying.
  • Duration of the Passport: To qualify for passport renewal service, the preceding passport papers need to be at least I5 years from the date of issuance till expiry.

Why Can Passports and Visas Be Trusted To Deliver?


An account manager is always present as a guide through the entire application process. There are no call centers or embassies to go through, only friendly professionals.


There isn’t a better way to get a passport faster when there is constant 0collaboration with the US Passport Agency to expedite the issuance of passports to 24 hours.


The establishment is a company of US passport and visa expeditors rated as the best by the US Passport Service Guide that has been procuring quick passports and visas for over 15 years to travelers. It is also recognized all over the country.


Anyone can get the status of their passport application online at any time of the day. Regular email updates are being sent to customers as the passport renewal process is expedited. Final email alerts that the procedure has been completed and if any problem arises beforehand, the information would also be sent to the client.

The renewal of passports can be done by subscribing to three types of services which differ by cost. These include:

  • Saver service: The cheapest with a cost of only $79.
  • Economy service: Costs only about $149.
  • Standard service: This is the most expensive and amounts to $179.

The expedited passport time for the completion of the renewal process is only 24 hours maximum without delay. With the information above, getting your passport renewed in a rush/short time would be easier to handle.

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