How Americans Can Travel To India In 2021

India is going through one of the worst third waves of COVID-19 right now. The daily death toll is the highest it has ever been, and that is why travelers need to take extra precautions. If you want to visit India for business or medical reasons, you can travel carefully.

Here is everything you need to know as an American citizen when you are visiting India in 2021.

Get Vaccinated

American citizens need to get vaccinated before visiting India. That is because the infection and death rate is high, and you don’t want to catch the virus while traveling. Since the vaccines are rolling out, it is a must that you get vaccinated.

It will allow you to be safe from the virus, and you can travel around the country in peace. However, even after getting vaccinated, American citizens should still follow all safety and social distancing protocols.

India Visa For US Citizens

US Citizens can apply for the India eVisa. It is an official document that you can use to travel to India. All you have to do is apply for the eVisa online at least four days before deciding to leave for India. After applying online, your eVisa application will be reviewed.

The review process does now take long, and you will receive your approved eVisa in no time. The visa will be sent to you in your email as a pdf file. You can then print this document out to show to the travel authorities when entering India. Keep in mind that the US passport validity for travel to India needs to be met.

Available eVisas

Currently, India is not offering Tourist eVisas to anyone because it is going through one of the most deadly third waves of COVID-19. However, American citizens can apply for the Business or Medical eVisa. Entry is restricted for tourists to curb the spread of the virus.

Of course, even when you are traveling from America on Business or Medical eVisa, you will still need to present a negative PCR test. India has a Health Declaration form you need to fill, and the negative test needs to be uploaded on that form. If you have any symptoms when you arrive, you will be taken to a medical facility and required to isolate.

That is why as an American citizen, you need to ensure you are in optimal health before you travel. It is always advised to get vaccinated before traveling now to contain the spread of COVID-19.

India Business Visa

Most American citizens are traveling to India for business reasons. If you also have business in India, you can obtain this eVisa in no time. The Business eVisa is valid for a year, and you can stay for a maximum of 180 days.

The eVisa also allows multiple entries, and the cost of the eVisa for US citizens is $162.50. On the Business eVisa, you can attend conferences, business meetings, etc. The process of applying for the eVisa is simple.

American citizens can visit Natvisa and fill the online application form of the India Business eVisa. Once all the information has been filled in, you can submit the form and pay the application fees. After that, your eVisa will be reviewed.

Once it has been reviewed, you will receive the travel document in your email. All you have to do is print the document and present it to the travel authorities upon arrival. Keep in mind that you need to have sufficient funds and a return ticket when you enter India.

If you don’t have these, you may not be allowed to enter. These restrictions are kept in place to ensure no one stays in the country unfairly. As an American citizen, you need to follow these rules when entering India.

Practice Social Distancing When Traveling

US Citizens, even those that are vaccinated, still need to take precautions during their visit to India. That is why you must follow all social distancing protocols during your visit. Wear a mask at all times and keep a distance of six feet from people.

India is in its third wave, and you don’t want to risk catching the virus in another country. Keep a sanitizer with you at all times, and ensure that you sanitize your hands after touching anything outside your hotel room. All these measures will ensure that you have a great stay without any problems.

You should also not extend your stay more than needed. If you are visiting for business work, you need to leave as soon as your work is done. That is because the longer you stay, the higher you are at risk for catching the virus.

Avoid High-Risk Areas

As an American traveler, it is your responsibility to travel safely while taking all precautions. That is why we advise you that you should avoid high-traffic areas at all costs. These places will increase your risk of contracting the virus, which is why they should not be visited.

It is essential that you take all these things into account and carefully plan your trip before setting foot in India. It will allow you to be safe and sound from the virus. If you want to explore the city after business hours, don’t go into any high-traffic spots.

It is also recommended that you rent a car instead of using public transportation. The state of public transport is not the best, and these places increase the risk of contracting the virus. As long as you avoid high-traffic areas and maintain social distancing, you will be good.

Final Words            

That was a complete guide for American citizens that want to visit India for business or medical reasons. While it is advised not to travel right now because of the third wave, business is going on. That is why you need to ensure you are responsible and safe when traveling to India.

If you plan to visit India for business, you can apply for the Business eVisa through Natvisa. It is a quick process, and you will receive your eVisa in no time.

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