Chernobyl Tours: Is It Worth It?

Have you ever thought about taking a trip to a place that isn’t on the list of typical travel destinations? Seriously, it may be interesting to lie down on a beach for a couple of times, but it won’t fascinate you on the third time!

One of the places that will definitely shake your travel plans and enthral your full attention is the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

This travel destination is located in Ukraine. It is a unique place on the planet because of the dreadful tragedy that occurred there in 1986. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, and thousands of radioactive elements were released into the air.


The territories around the plant were contaminated on such a level that people cannot live there till today. Everyone was evacuated soon after the explosion, and residents of the exclusion zone have not managed to come back home.


Animals and plants seem to thrive in the exclusion zone, but scientists find some mutations within their genes. These mutations are not visible on the outside, but they allow the flora and fauna to process the radioactive elements faster than it was before.

Damage Control

Huge steps were taken to rectify the consequences. During the first month after the explosion, all contaminated plants and trees were cut down and even some villages had to be destroyed.

Today, the construction of the Safe Confinement is on its way, and the program of shutting down the power plant will be finished in around 40 years.

Tour to Chernobyl

Tourists were not allowed to enter the Chernobyl exclusion zone for a long time. Only 10 years ago, the zone has been opened for tours. Additionally, the boom in travelling there was caused by the mini-series Chernobyl created by HBO in 2019.

Safety and Reliability

The organization Chernobyl Story (find out more on their website offers you the best tours to the exclusion zone. They ensure the safety of your trip. The measures they take to guarantee safety are recognized globally, so they are reliable.


There are different types of tours: one-day tour, two-day tour, three-day tour and others. The duration is the key factor in planning the sites you will visit. According to the blog-post of a tourist (read more here:, if you go to the exclusion zone for one day, you will have a quick overview of the place.

Chernobyl Tour: What to See

However, there are a lot of sites worth seeing in the exclusion zone. If you have watched the series, you probably know most of them. The Pripyat town, which was the most affected settlement, looks like the ghost town from the horror film.

On any type of tour, you will see the Chernobyl town, the nuclear power plant itself, a couple of deserted villages and a range of monuments dedicated to the tragedy.

Is It Safe?

This question bothers a lot of people, but you can be sure: it is safe to travel there. Firstly, every measure of safety is taken care of by the organizers. Secondly, the 10 km zone, which is the most dangerous, will require additional personal protection. Thirdly, you will have an orientation session before the tour, so you will know that, for example, it is prohibited to touch plants and metal constructions.


It is important to remember that you will not be able to enter the exclusion zone on your own without proper authorization. Tour agencies will help you with that. There is even an option of travelling by your own car available.

If you want to have an unusual travel experience and feel the vibe of the ghost town, book your Chernobyl tour right away!

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