7 Luxury Travel Destinations For An Unforgettable Holiday

7 Luxury Travel Destinations For An Unforgettable Holiday

Every now and then you deserve to dine in the lap of luxury and experience an opulent side to life. Staying in five-star hotels, enjoying decadent food, and breathtaking views of nature make holidays unforgettable. 

In a nutshell, a luxury travel destination for an unforgettable holiday is the quintessential experience of pleasure-seeking individuals. We put together seven of the greatest choices for your luxury holiday.


Malta is the world’s prettiest Capital, boasting a rich history of Mediterranean Island culture. You’re almost guaranteed daily sunny weather and a superior holiday surrounded by plenty of seas to enjoy. 

Choosing where to stay is an adventure by itself, with luxurious hotels and private villas on the cards. You are guaranteed superb style and rooms with private plunge pools. 

Enjoy dining in restaurants with plenty of sea views or take a sunset dinner cruise on a private yacht charter. Indulge in fresh oysters and champagne as you cruise your way around this picturesque island with its breathtaking landscape. 

The Spice Island of Zanzibar

Take a magical dive into the deep blue Indian Ocean on the east coast of Africa’s finest luxurious island of Zanzibar. Add some exotic spice to your holiday adventure by staying at any of the island’s 5-star Resorts and Spa.

The island has some of the highest-rated hotels in the world to enjoy. You can choose to stay in stunning African villas reminiscent of a rich fusion of Arabic, Swahili, and Indian culture. Beautiful handmade furniture, antiques, and unique brass lanterns will capture your stay. 

Enjoy deep-sea diving, snorkeling in untouched adjacent islands, and take a tour to Stone Town where pungent spices of local dishes will fill all of your senses. 


If it’s more of Africa’s coastline that intrigues you, then adventures abound on the East Coast of Africa. Mozambique boasts rich fishing grounds bursting with plenty of its famous prawns served in all of its famed luxury five-star hotels and restaurants. 

Mozambique as a luxury island getaway is easy on the pocket when shopping for local souvenirs, but be prepared to spend a little fortune if you wish to escape to any one of its gorgeous beach safari lodges or remote island hideaways. 


If it’s glitz and glamor you’re after in an exotic location, then Monaco is your passport to all that dazzles. One in three of its citizens are millionaires and luxury is a way of living. You can have it all in Monaco on your vacation. 

Enjoy the bling of casinos, shop, and dine in malls made for those with designer taste and enjoy being served in style on its human-made beach.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is still a luxury trip that will leave you breathless with anticipation. The biggest casinos with their world-class hotels and amenities will stun you. This desert bloom was built for entertainment and style. However, If you are traveling from outside of the US, you may need a travel visa for Las Vegas

Home to celebrities and the super-wealthy, there is never a dull moment and plenty of reason to dress to the nines. 

The hospitality industry in Las Vegas is always booming, competitive and boasts a culinary festival to wow your taste buds. Be prepared to spend money to make a little fortune, especially if gambling at the best tables is what you’re going after. 


Say Aloha to amazing crystal clear blue waters, a host of island fun activities, black-sand beaches, and rich exotic fruit and sea life. If you ever wanted to swim with turtles, dolphins, and whales then Maui is the place for you.

Not light on the pocket and the most luxurious island of Hawaii. This is an island holiday dream come true. 


Japan offers intrigue, mystical charm, and delicacies that will delight any travel enthusiast. Bamboo-rich forests mesmerize and heal nature lovers. 

There are 68 countries that are exempt from holding Visas to enter Japan. However, if you are a US citizen you would need a travel Visa for Japan to experience its mystical Asian charm. 

Japanese culture is gentle and graceful to get to know intimately and will transform how you see the world too. There are great five-star hotels to enjoy, whether you prefer a country scenic adventure or if you favor a more lively city vibe.

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