4 Corners of the World that Will Make You Hungry

Everyone loves a delicious meal. Everyone also knows that your mom cooks the best food on this planet. The world is however packed with delicious and exquisite cuisine you should try at least once in your lifetime. 

Everyone aspires to eat the most elegant and finest food. It is however difficult to decide on the best cuisine that will satisfy your cravings for good food. When you travel it is always best to try a variety of flavours and tastes. You will need to savour the must-eats of every place you visit. 

Every country or region is known for their popular ingredients and cooking methods allowing you to create an amazing dining experience anywhere you go. Experiencing local food is the best way to immerse yourself with the culture and tradition of the place you are visiting. 

Travelling offers a wide range of culinary experiences. Many travellers explore different parts of the world to experience authentic culinary cuisines more than the tourist spots.

Where are the best foods in the world? The choice will depend on individual preferences but this article will show you 4 corners of the world that will make you hungry by the mere mention of the country’s name. 


  • Florence,  Italy

Many people visit Florence to experience its architecture, history, fashion, and of course its exquisite cuisine. Italian cuisine has remained the same since the ancient civilization and it continues to amaze many visitors. It is easier to enjoy Italian food rather than to explain it because you will run out of words.

Italian chefs are meticulous in their choice of the best ingredients, food preparation, and cooking method. Mostly all Italian dishes have tomato, olive oil and bread. Dishes often come with red, yellow, and green which always create an amazing blend of flavour and taste. 

The key to a perfect Italian dish lies on the freshness of the ingredients rather on its sophisticated preparation and cooking process.  Florence has a vast supply of world-class local produce including grilled meats, mellow cheese, and olive oil. 

Popular Italian food includes:

  • Pasta (Pesto, Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe)
  • Pizza (Quattro Formaggi, Speck e Mascarpone, Margherita etc…)
  • Panna cotta- a to-die-for creamy dessert eaten with red-berry jam
  • Caprese – made of “Cuor di Bue” tomato and original mozzarella di bufala cooked ion Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Eat this simple dish with Italian fresh bread and savour an amazing dish. 

Must-drinks include:

  • Sparkling wine (San Pellegrino water, Prosecco Franciacorta, and more)
  • White Wine (Gewürztraminer, Muller Thurgau, Chardonnay, and more)
  • Red Wine (Barbaresco, Barolo, Brunello di Montalicino, and more)

Italian dishes are often cooked with Olive Oil. 

  • Lyon, France

Many tourists visit Paris to savour fine French cuisine. Lyon, however, is recognized worldwide as one of the cities with the best food. French cuisine is known for being contemporary and innovative with a long history. 

The preparation and cooking of French cuisine is unlike other cuisines. The French people gave the world the famous French Fries. Cheese is said to be invented by the French people because it is their staple food. French food is also always served with Wine. 

French cuisine is characterized by its rich, heavy, and simple qualities. French cuisine in Lyon is made of fresh produce coming from the nearby cities of Savoy, Dombes, Charolais, and other cities. High-quality wines come from the Rhone Valley and Beaujolais. 


  • Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown is the capital of Penang, Malaysia. It is home to some of the best street food in the world for which Malaysia is famous for. Many tourists return to Malaysia for their fine street food. 

Most vendors of street food in Malaysia used recipes that have been handed down by their ancestors. This cuisine is a fusion of Indian and Chinese food. Car koay teow, the most famous dish in Georgetown, Malaysia consists of flat rice noodles mixed with stir-fried cockles, prawns, bean sprouts, scrambled eggs, fish cake strips, and chilli paste. 

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the liveliest cities in Vietnam. It is internationally known for its fine dining restaurants with rich ambience, tasty and flavourful street food, and cuisine that go in between. 

The colonization of Ho Chi Minh City by France led to the creation of the combination of Vietnamese flavour and French styles to create the famous and delicious bánh mì (bread). Foreigners know bánh mì as a sandwich made of French bread with roasted or steamed pork belly, Vietnamese sausage (sliced cucumber, pickled carrots, coriander, other vegetables, and meat), or grilled chicken.

Many tourists also keep on coming back to Vietnam to savour authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as:

  • Pho – a noodle soup with vegetables and meat
  • Banh Mi – a Vietnamese baguette sandwich with various fillings and omelette
  • Bun – a Vietnamese noodle salad
  • Goi Cuon – rice paper roll stuffed with minced pork, crab or shrimps, green, and coriander

A must-drink in Vietnam is their Bia Hoi (local beer), lemon iced tea, Jasmine tea, and extremely strong iced coffee. 

Vietnamese cuisine often consists of fish sauce, shrimp paste, Thai basil, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and rice. Unlike its Asian neighbours, Vietnam is known for having the healthiest food in Southeast Asia. 


Many people are lucky they are able to visit these great cities in the world to savour and experience their authentic cuisine. For many that cannot personally visit these cities or can no longer wait to savour this cuisine right from their very origin, their many restaurants that served authentic cuisines of these countries. 

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