23rd August 2015

Flight Itinerary for Visa Application at Just $19

Flight itinerary for travel visa

Copy of the roundtrip airline reservation with Passenger Registration Number (or reservation number) and travel itinerary. The Flight reservation should prove that the stay in the Schengen area does not exceed 90 days. It is recommended not to buy the ticket until the visa is granted. – Dutch Embassy

Details regarding the means of travel for the outward – and return journey (details regarding the airline), proof of reservation of a roundtrip ticket – German Embassy

Get Flight Itinerary at just $19 !!

Temporary Flight itinerary

When applying for a tourist visa, the applicant needs to provide a confirmed flight itinerary/reservation as proof of itinerary. This enables the embassy to ensure that sufficient planning has gone into the trip. A flight itinerary is however very different from an actual flight ticket. When you book a flight with a travel agency you can get a “flight ticket reservation confirmation” which is NOT the actual ticket but merely an assurance that you have reserved the price of your ticket and will be purchasing the ticket within a week of your travel before it expires. But a caveat associated with this kind of reservation is that the ticket prices which allow “reservations” are exceptionally high. However one cannot make a “flight reservation” by booking online since these websites don’t have a privilege to do so. Flight reservations are clubbed into ticket bookings itself.

This setup leverages our travel agency licensed to provide our clients with a flight itinerary confirmation at a fraction of the cost. Get your flight reservation done from us rather than spend several hundred dollars with a travel agency and risk losing it all if your visa application is rejected for some unforeseen reason. Have a look at our sample flight itinerary.

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