Here are some of the frequently asked questions :

Once I buy a package and use only 1 or 2 itinerary, can I come back and use balance some other time ?

No. Once you buy a package, you will need to mention all the itineraries that you need at that time itself. You cannot come back after some days and mention that you have brought a package earlier and you need one more itinerary now.

This is because we work with travel agents and we don’t save all our customers details beyond 2 months. So the travel agents will ask us to pay once more even if the customer had purchased earlier from us.

Can I buy one flight and hotel plan and use that for 2 persons?

We can of course make bookings for couples/family . If you are booking as couples, then you can purchase one “flight only” and one “flight + hotel” plan. Since one hotel room can accommodate 2 adults. If there are any children below 3 years. We can include their names for free.

To purchase from us, you need to raise requests for each person. And in the special instructions section of the form, please mention the names and age of all the travellers. We will make sure to add them in our flight itineraries.Attaching a sample flight itinerary for family.

If you are Indian, then you cannot make payment via paypal. Please look at https://travelvisabookings.com/payments for more info.

Sample itinerary for family

Should I take the same hotel and flights which I get from you once my visa is approved ?

On all our packages we have “no strings attached” policy. What this means is that, you will use our flight or hotel bookings for visa only.

Once your visa is approved, you are free to make your own plans. you don’t have to worry about the flight or hotel documents you get from us. we handle all the cancellation and subsequent charges. You will not be charged or forced to use the same flight or hotel bookings you get from us.

You might as well forget about us once you get the documents from us !!.


Can I get the same flight tickets once I get the visa ?

It is best you use our service for your visa application only . You can of course, buy the flight ticket from us for the same price mentioned in the itinerary, but the travel agent would add his commissions to that as well. So it would in any case, be higher than what it is worth online.

So use our service for visa, once you get your visa, make your own plans best suited for your needs. You can find cheaper air tickets if you look at mommondo.com or google flights

Can you book for couples, families and group of friends ?

We can surely do that. In fact, we offer group discounts for people travelling together and we can make sure that both your requests are in the same document to make things simple for you.

Can I see some sample flight booking, hotel reservations confirmation documents that I will need for my travel visa application with visa consulate ?

You can download the samples from here. These are the sample flight itineraries as well as hotel booking confirmations done by us. Notice the cost of these !!


Can you make a hotel reservation in any city, any country, any flight ticket ?

Yes we are truly global. And guess what ?since we have outsourced our documents processing to Asia, you will get the benefit of the time difference and price difference. Win. Win. Don’t be surprised to find your details in your inbox before the start of your day !!!.

What if I make a mistake in hotel and flight schedule? Will you make the change for me ?

Yes we will !! we understand that humans make mistakes so we allow you upto 3 changes per schedule . If more than that you will need to begin the whole process again including the payment.

Will printouts be accepted by the travel visa processing consulate ?

Yes . They understand that most of the people make bookings online and it is perfectly acceptable to have a printout . We have processed thousands of tourist visas so far. So don’t worry.

Do I have to book flight tickets, hotels and car rentals for applying tourist visa?

If you are planning on visiting someone in that country using tourist visa , the process is different,  the guest will need to send you a letter inviting you to their country and this needs to be attested by one of the government bodies. This task can be tedious. So many people opt for the easy approach. Make all the bookings that you need to make, get your visa. then do what ever the hell you want once you visit the place. So we suggest you do the smart thing the use the latter approach.

Can I buy only flight tickets confirmation receipt for travel visa from you?

Yes you can !!!. But please note that you will need to submit the hotel reservations as well if you want to apply for travel visa. We suggest that you have car rental bookings as well as train ticket bookings along with this. This will make it much easier for your tourist visa processing since your case becomes stronger. It proves to them that you have sufficient bank balance for your trip after you have made all the bookings and reservations .

How long does it take to get my documents for travel visa completed once is make the payment ?

Usually we process them in 2 hours !!!. If you have taken the complete package them give us a day and you will find your flight bookings, travel hotel bookings and train tickets in your inbox within the next day !! . We take pride in our fast service.

Can you provide these documents for any visa ?

Yes !!. It does not matter if you are applying to Schengen visa , Canada visa, US visa , UK visa or any other visa. All the visa consulates need you to give travel visa flight bookings and hotel reservations BEFORE you apply for visa. So you will need to have these documents ready to prove that you have sufficient travel funds after you make these bookings. If you do not have these documents then you cannot proceed with your visa bookings.

Although you don’t have to book train tickets or bus tickets for your visa proposal , if you have these with you they cannot refuse you a visa. This will prove them that your bank statement balance is only for your expenses AFTER you have paid for everything. Your visa processing will be smooth.

What should I say when I am called for visa interview ?

Know the itinerary, hotel name, train ticket , timings ,travel dates and any other information in the itinerary like the back of your hand. We can assure you that you will be fine. Just answer the questions they would ask usually they will want to know if you know your itinerary well. Good luck !!!!.

Do you want any of my confidential information ?

Nope !!. All we want for processing your travel visa documents are :

  • Departure date and return date. Is it a round trip?
  • Your departure city and destination city.
  • Full Name of the travel visa applicant.
  • Cities you are planning to stay. The dates you are planning your stay. This is needed in detail to book your hotel reservations and car rentals.
  • Train names and departure and destinations . Full name of the travel visa applicant.

And then make your payment , sit back and look forward to an email in your inbox from us.

Does it matter from which country I am from ? Will the documents be applicable for me ?

Thanks to the internet we can process your travel visa documents for any country to any travel destinations. It does not matter to us if you are from India or Antartica . You will get your travel visa in time and this will be accepted by ANY visa consulate.


Do I have to call the hotel or flight agencies to cancel my tickets?

Nope . This is take care by us. You just plan your trip !!


Where is the PNR number ? How will the visa consulate verify the flight reservation for which I had paid ?

The above example is a flight itinerary. Flight itineraries don’t have expiry date since unlike those which are generated by other services which claim to help you with your visa application But put you at a risk of forging fake documents. 


schengen visa denied

These flight “reservations” will expire anywhere between 24 hours to a week. What would happen when the consulate goes and verifies the same on the airline? You would have your visa rejected since you are forging fake documents. In fact this is the first reason to get visa rejected. You should prefer being honest in your documents rather than provide fake flight tickets.

There is no harm in mentioning that you are indeed providing a flight itinerary from a travel agent . The worst that could happen is that you will be asked to buy an actual flight ticket and show it when you collect your visa. Which is fine in any case since you have to buy your ticket when you travel. Here is our sample personal cover letter for visa. If you see we have clearly mentioned that we are giving a flight itinerary not a temporary flight reservation forged as an actual flight ticket.

Copy of itinerary for my round-trip flight from Bengaluru(BLR) to Frankfurt(FRA) from travel agent. Original will be obtained when needed.

In fact the European union visa requirements for visa states the same.

As per the official document,

Round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state.Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air ticket when visa is collected.

That is why we have 100% visa acceptance rate although some of our customer have been requested to provide “additional documents”,none of their visa has been rejected for providing fake documents. With 80% of our customers being return customers or companies which process visas for their employees/clients, our approach is the best approach if you want to ensure the safety of your visa.

This is our orders screen for this month. Most of the orders have been placed by repeat customers.

travelvisabooking orders

The best part about our service is along with getting a flight reservation without payment, you can also get confirmed hotel bookings, personal cover letter, leave/no objection letter for your visa consulates.

If you have any more questions you want to ask us . then leave your question in the comments page and we will answer them.

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