3rd September 2017


payment failed in travelvisabookings

We would like to thank you for choosing us to expedite your visa application. If you filled the application form but for some reason, was unable to complete payment ? Then read on to know how you can make payment and get your package delivered to you within the next 3 hours !!


  1. No need to fill the checkout form again. We have your completed form . Only payment is pending

  2. NOT Indian ? Then click this link and complete your payment : paypal.me

  3. Indian ? Then click this link to complete payment : payumoney link

  4. Send the transaction id to us by replying to the order email

  5. Your order will be marked as paid and delivered to you in 3 hours

Below is the long form version of the same article.

How to make payment

Not Indian ? Using foreign debit/credit cards ?
Indian ?Using Indian debit/credit cards ?


Good news : Once you have completed our checkout form and clicked our “checkout with paypal” button, we would have received your fully completed form. So you don’t need to fill the form and try again and again to make the payment

We would have your completed form, but it would be shown as unpaid like this below

unpaid payment status


but once you complete payment, the status will be changed to paid and it would be assigned to someone to work on

payment completed


So to change the status you need to complete payment and let us know