How To Apply for Italy Visa from San Francisco Successfully

How To Apply for Italy Visa from San Francisco Successfully

Italy is a beautiful country located in Southern Europe and home to one of the world’s most amazing art, architecture, cuisine, history, and fashion. Italy is known for its unique carnival experiences and is visited by people from all across the world. Being one of the most visited countries, getting an Italy visa is not[…]

Italy visa requirements for New york

How to Apply for Italy Visa at the New York Consulate

Italy is the third most visited Schengen country with over 1.8 million visa applications from all over the world. Out of these, close to 3500 applied for Italy Visa at the New York Consulate.  Italy has one of the highest visa rejection rate of 6% in 2016.  This post will help you in understanding How I[…]

France visa for U.S. Permanent Residents – Easy Guide

Green card holders in America do not get to enjoy visa free travel to France unlike the citizens of the United States. You need to apply fchor a visa to France with the local French consulate in the US before you are allowed to visit France for either tourism or business purpose. The French consulate[…]

Schengen Visa for US permanent residents

American citizens who hold the powerful blue passport can travel to Schengen countries without Schengen visa for a period of 90 days. The only requirement being that your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your return to the United States. But if you are a permanent resident in the US (green[…]