New Alliance – Mozambique

  • Joined the New Alliance in 2013
  •  Development partner lead: Japan and the United States of America
  •  Mozambique National Agriculture Investment Plan 2014-2018

Highlights of progress from 2013-2014:

  • 20 Letters of Intent (LOIs) referencing $173 million in private sector commitments [4 LOIs reporting]
  • $91 million in investments made on LOIs in 2013 [6 LOIs reporting]
  • 225,000 smallholders reached through LOIs in 2013 [10 LOIs reporting]
  • 1,430 jobs created through LOIs in 2013 [5 LOIs reporting]
  • $174 million in development partner commitments disbursed (87% of expected) [5 out of 5 partners reporting]
  • 33% of government policy actions due by June 2014 are complete, 60% are in progress

Download Mozambique’s Cooperation Framework for detailed information on commitments made by New Alliance partners to support the country’s plan for agricultural growth.

LOI data self-reported by companies to Grow Africa. Similar data collected in Senegal and Benin, which are not Grow Africa members.

60% of population lives below $1.25 a day6.8% value agriculture adds to growth rate The Republic of Mozambique joined the New Alliance in 2012 and has committed to policy actions in the areas of business enabling environment, inputs, land, nutrition, resilience and risk management, and trade and markets.

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