Official Malaysia eVisa

Indians can now visit Malaysia as a tourist for a maximum of upto 30 days using Malaysia eVisa. We are one of the agents who can provide you with Malaysia e visa from the comfort of your home. All you will need to do is send us a scanned copy of your passport and photograph and we can get you your visa.

difference between malaysia evisa & malaysia eNTRI visa


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What is are the document requirements for Malaysia eVisa ?

  • Passport size photo as per the below requirements . Below is the photo requirements for your visa, the image must be of png or jpg format. Maximum size of 2 MB

malaysia evisa photo requirements

  • Scanned copy of your passports first page. This must be in png, jpg format with maximum size of 2 MB

sample front passport

  • Scanned copy of your passports back page.This must be in png, jpg format with maximum size of 2 MB . Make sure that the white paper borders are clipped and it looks as below image.

passport back malaysia eVisa

  • Scanned copy of the page from passport where your most recent trip is stamped if you have travelled to some other country.THIS MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT AND AS SHOWN BELOW.

  • Confirmed flight booking with dates entering and exiting Malaysia(if you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, then we will arrange this document for you) . This document needs to be pdf format.

We will take care of getting your flight ticket for the dates that you give us using our travel agent systems. So you are under no risk of losing your money if your visa is cancelled or your plans change.

If your travel dates are tentative, then we can offer you a hedge against it that no other online eVisa provider can. We are extending our Schengen visa expertise onto Malaysia  applicants now.Once you get your visa, then you can safely and peacefully make your plans with no obligation to use the flight and hotel you get from us.

  • Confirmed proof of accommodation for the entire duration of stay (if you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, then we will arrange this document for you). This document must be presented in pdf format.

Again, we will use our travel agency connections to get you a proof of accommodation for the entire duration of stay, and use that to apply for your eVisa. Once your visa is granted, you can make your own bookings.

That is it .

How do I apply for eVisa/Malaysia eNTRI visa from you ?

You can apply for eVisa/eNTRI from us using the below steps :

  • Click the below button and provide and let us know about your interest in getting Malaysia eVisa/eNTRI from us.

  • Once you have done that, we will look at your case and reply to you within a couple of hours. IF we accept to process your document we will request from you the following documents needed to procure your visa and Malaysia eNTRI visa.

Digital/Scanned photograph as per requirements(see requirement above)

Scanned pages of first/last and recent travel page(see above)

Flight and hotel booking confirmations(If you don’t have this, we will get these for you)

  • After you submit these documents we will review it to make sure it is as per the dimensions and in acceptable format for processing your Malaysia visa application. If not we will either ask you to send us modified documents, or we will edit your documents to make sure it is as per the eNTRI requirements .

Once we have applied successfully for your eVisa/eNTRI document, Then we will let you know of the status and you can expect to get your eVISA within 2 working days.


Frequently asked questions about Malaysia eVisa

What is Malaysia eVisa and what are it’s features ?

It is an electronic visa for tourists, which allows one to enter Malaysia either as a tourist or to visit someone residing in Malaysia. You CANNOT engage in employment of any kind.

  • Is valid for 3 months from the date of issue
  • Is valid for a single entry. Once you leave the country, you cannot enter Malaysia again with the same eVisa document. You need apply for a new eVisa.
  • Can stay in Malaysia for a maximum duration of 30 days

How long does it take for me to get my visa?

The whole process takes less than 2 WORKING days. Unless it is a weekend or it is a holiday in either in India or Malaysia you should get it in 2 days. At most your visa application can take 5 days.

If the documents that you submitted is not in the right shape and we will need to modify them, then there would some delay in processing your visa. In any case we will keep you updated about your request.

Can i trust the visa which I will get from your website ?

We use the same legal method as you applying online. But we just use our expertise which includes checking your documents, photo specifications and other proofreads to ensure that your visa application is in the right shape and increase your chances of being accepted .

Once you get your visa using our service, you are free to confirm the same online for its authenticity. In fact we will share a link from the official malaysia visa embassy for you to check for the same.

What is the cost of getting Malaysia eVisa/eNTRI for Indians ?

For Malaysia eNTRI visa it would cost you $46 which is 3000 INR . This includes the fees that we need to pay for VFS and Malaysia which is INR 1800 . This entitles you to get free flight and hotel bookings just for your visa application purpose. Once you get your visa, you are free to make your own bookings.

What if my visa gets rejected ?

Then your money will be refunded in full . Although the consulate and VFS will not refund you your visa fee, we will compensate the same for you from our pockets. This adds an extra security or an insurance in case we are not able to procure you your visa.