India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Malaysia in two days

India is full of beautiful places, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari it has all-time favorite tourist destinations such as Thar deserts, frozen lakes, snow-capped peaks, Mahabaleshwar hill stations, Jog and Sivanasamudram Falls, beautifully landscaped gardens and naturally mesmerizing places. Apart from the tourist destination the largely diverse cultures seen in India has always been a matter[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Singapore in two days

India and Singapore have both been important to each other even going back to their colonial days. Many Indians who migrated to Singapore after it’s independence from Malaysia have played a key role in making Singapore the financial powerhouse it is today.India recognizes this and has made it easy to get India E-Tourist visa for[…]

India E-Tourist visa for Canadian citizens in two days

Bilateral ties between India and Cannada is becoming stronger day by day and the number of people migrating to Cannada for higher studies from India is increasing steadily. Similarly, the number of tourists from Canada visiting India has increased too. Introduction of E-Visas done by the government on India holds full credit for it because[…]

India E-Tourist visa for citizens of the Republic of Korea in two days

India is much more than curries and Bollywood. The vast cultural and linguistic diversity India has always amazed the rest of the world. Understanding it’s potential the government of India in 2015 introduced E-Visas thereby making it easy to get India E-Tourist visa for citizens of the Republic of Korea. So no more long queues in[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Netherlands

The mesmerizing beauty of each and every part of India has been acknowledged worldwide, thereby, welcoming lakhs of tourists every year. India has always opened its gates wide to tourists and in 2015 to make the entire visa application process easier the government of India implemented E-Visa. Which made it easier to avail India E-Tourist visa[…]

India E-Tourist Visa for Russian citizens in two days

Ties between India and Russia dates back to the cold war era. India and Russia enjoy a strong strategic, economic and military relationship. Tourists from Russia contributes around 7% of the total number of tourists to India. The government of India introduced E-Visas in 2015 making it easier to get India E-Tourist Visa for Russian citizens.[…]

Switzerland visa requirements for US green card holders-2018

It does not matter whether you visit Switzerland for its countryside scenery or dramatic mountain ranges, there’s nothing forgettable about this European nation. Sadly Switzerland has one of the highest visa rejection rate of 6.99% in 2016. This post will help you in understanding Switzerland visa requirements for US green card holders and how you[…]