5th July 2015

About Us

The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page

-Augastine of Hippo

We love to travel and our love for travel has been the prime catalyst for starting this website. Our focus is always been on travel and this website has been built to help our fellow travellers deal with the diplomacy involved in getting a travel visa. We ourselves in the past had been a victim of this and many times had to spend more days running around to get a visa than our total travel time . I remember once we had to run around to get our travel visa for 15 days when our total travel time would be one week !!!. This is bullshit. We then decided to establish a process through which we can ensure that our visa processing is smooth.To help other such travellers we decided to establish a “Tourist Visa Consultancy”. This decision has proved to be very fruitful (profitable) for us  . We have since then established multiple stores as such in Asia , Europe with the help of several traveller enthusiasts.

Enjoying different kinds of food and meeting new people around the world is what we live for. But we also need a tourist visa to travel to different countries to experience these. The process to acquire a travel visa is however, is not pleasant . One needs to go through the bureaucracy of the visa consulates that we visit . Do we need to book flight tickets first or apply for visa ? If the visa is cancelled will I loose all my money ? Do I need hotel booking confirmations before I apply for visa ? These are the questions that every traveller needs answers for. We intend to provide you with these answers making it easier for you to plan your travel while we worry with getting you all the documents you will need to get your visa. We help you get your Airline tickets, hotel booking confirmations without even you needing to pay for all of these yourselves. You can booking confirmations for all your flight and hotel itinerary that you will need to process your visa documents.